Take Your Child To Work Day 2018: Farming

Being the child of a farmer generally means you are already working.  You’re fixing fences, feeding livestock and chipping in as an extra pair of hands whenever a parent calls on you, 7 days a week from a young age.

Certainly, this breeds a work ethic, a love for nature and a respect for animals.  It also means, limited (if any) vacations, ditching schoolwork when an animal is in labor, getting up early whether you want to or not, wondering where the piles of money are after all your hard work and dreaming of a day you won’t smell like you just tramped through a manure field (which you just did).  Raising children on a farm brings great joy and a feeling of family effort when it comes to harvesting the fruits of your labor.  But it is also a harsh lesson in economy: labor vs. bank account.  Out of the four here, I can see only two staying to keep it going and yes, they are all given that option.  So who’s taking their kids to work?  Don’t have one?  Want one for the day?


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