The Crumbsnacters: The Big House

Music makes it all better.  It really does.  When you are working with your hands most of the time, you need to have something to listen to.  There’s only so many goat grumbles one can stand before yearning for a human voice.

Enter The Crumbsnatchers.  An indie punk band out of Knoxville Tennessee. The howling of the lead singer, Sam “Guetts” Guetterman is pretty convincing as a punk frontman, his vocals on “A Short Leash” will leave you wondering if he recorded it in 1980’s in a 14th street studio, but the controlled edginess and clarity of the piece shuts that down.  Guetts does not sound like he’s ever taken a singing lesson in his life, but he’s on key and the strong purpose of his voice makes up for everything.

Backed up by guitarist Philip Mosteller, drummer Rylan Bledsoe, and bassist Sam Burchfield, who give Guetts the platform to let loose, are skilled in controlled chaos.  Making it clear there were many hours spent practicing.

Why the Big House is flying under the radar is beyond me (as is it’s classification as “rock”).

The band members are young and I already can’t keep up with who’s in and who’s out.  They are recording an album this year, so hopefully, they won’t flame out in a blaze of “almost.”

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