The Poultryphiles: Sex-link Hybrid Chicken: Best Bang for the Buck?

Sex-links are a hearty breed.  A cross-bred chicken whose sex is differentiated by color at hatching, making chick sexing an easier process. They are extremely good egg-layers capable of producing up to 300 eggs a year or more depending on the quality of care and feed. The color of their eggs varies according to the mix, making even blue/green eggs possible.  So how does it do as a meat bird?  The results are mixed.  They are a smaller bird, so in six months you could still have a three pound hen, not exactly dinner fare.

Roosters will definitely outweigh the hens by a pound or more, so if you do not mind a tougher bird and are schooled in coq au vin then this might be the backyard bird for you. This combined with the fact that you will have to grow them longer to get a decent weight bringing and not the best dual purpose.  A challenge for a backyard farmer might be to breed the ultimate sex-link dual purpose themselves, and if you have any luck with that, let us know! As a backyard bird, they are hearty and will outlay every other breed but if you must process them for meat, you will have no more than a great soup bird in the end.


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