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Only Do It for Love (Or, Keeping Bees)

As some of you know we are generational beekeepers here at Voodoo.  I am the third and my children who help me,are the fourth. The one thing that sunk in while learning beekeeping from my dad was to do it for the … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween!

Open from 11 to 4 today!  Stop by and do some trick or treating!  Note the photo of the black skinned chicken we will be cooking tonight!  We will post the results of that tomorrow.

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We Are Now Registered With the New Jersey Department of Agriculutre

In light of the recent outbreak of avian flu in the mid-west, which wiped out almost 50 million birds at poultry farms we are pleased to tell you that we have registered our flock with the NJDA.  While the avian … Continue reading

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Small Meat Producers Take Their Slaughterhouse Gripes to Congress & The USDA Approves Shipping Chicken to China for Processing

The next time you go to the grocery store and pick up a package of meat to throw into your cart, please stop and  ask yourself; Do you know where it came from?  What town?  How was it raised?  What … Continue reading

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31 Days of Voodoo at Voodoo Farm

In honor of October and a count down to Halloween, Voodoo Farm presents 31 days of Voodoo at Voodoo Farm.  Enjoy!  And check back daily for posts on dispelling the myths of voodoo, chicken history and what makes the world … Continue reading

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