Freedom Rangers

freedom-rangerOur year-round offering is the Freedom Ranger. The rust-colored Rangers reach their peak weight of five to six pounds after nine to 11 weeks and, owing to the Freedom Ranger’s daily exercise, the versatile meat has a deep pink color and bright yellow fat–which contains more omega-3 fatty acids and less saturated fat than commercial broilers.

“The color of our chicken is completely different because the muscles are actually used,” Oren Ritterband of Voodoo Farm says. “When I open the doors of the coop, they come flying out.”

The taste is also something to rave about. Ruth Reichl, renowned food writer, magazine editor and chef, said after roasting a Freedom Ranger from Voodoo Farm, “Let me cut to the chase: this was, hands down, the best bird I’ve eaten in America.

Some 1,000 Freedom Rangers reside at Voodoo at any given time, and once a month, 350 of them are processed for the farm’s CSA and for delivery to local restaurants. All are butchered by hand by the Ritterbands and air-chilled to preserve the natural texture of the meat, whether its destined for the oven or the freezer.