Preparing for Harvest Day


A Bresse enjoying a stroll on Voodoo Farm.

When you’ve raised something by hand, a creature that’s depended on you it’s whole life, for food, water, shelter and protection from predators;  getting ready to send it to meet its maker is no light matter.

For two weeks, Oren readies himself and the Bresse for slaughter day.  This entails choosing who we keep for breeding, and who goes under the knife, arranging a mobile slaughter truck and regulating the diet of those who will “go.”

For five months (compared to the quick turn around of five weeks on large poultry farms), the Bresse have free-ranged on our fifteen acre farm, eating bugs, grass and clover in addition to their grain.  In the last five weeks, we add raw, local milk to their diet and they grow in to beautiful, healthy birds.  It is sad to see them go–but wonderful to taste!

3 Responses to Preparing for Harvest Day

  1. Haase Family says:

    We are striving to be the most supportive to our local community as well as providing safe healthy food to our children. Looking forward to becoming customers!

    Will we be buying the chickens as a whole or pieced out? Whole is perfectly fine with me. The whole bird will go a long way in our household. From feeding the family, making stock and the leftover unsavory bits to the cat and dog (minus the bones of course).


  2. Paul and Teresa Klein says:

    We have one in the oven right now. Can’t wait to taste it!

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